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We offer practical cupolas that have a variety of options including windows and a choice of over 10 different weather vanes. A universal base unit is designed to fit almost any roof application.


Looking to add an aesthetic, designer look to your rooftop, barn, shed or garage? Metal Building Accessories offers a wide variety of easy-to-assemble metal building cupolas in an assortment of styles that can be matched to virtually any building color. Available with three different types of mounts universal base, base flashing and commercial roof curb Metal Building Accessories' roof cupolas are 29 gauge, and available as 24" x24", 36" x 36" (both shipped via UPS)and 48" x 48" which is shipped via common carrier. Our steel building cupolas typically ship in about five business days.

As it essential that the metal cupola you purchase fit your building appropriately, please refer to the following guidelines prior to making your selection:
  • 24" x 24" cupolas are ideal for barns or roofs atop buildings between 24' 30' wide, and on 24' centers along the length of the building.

  • 36" x 36" cupolas are ideal for barns or roofs atop buildings between 36' 40' wide, and on 36' centers along the length of the building.

  • 48" x 48" cupolas are ideal for barns or roofs atop buildings between 48' 60' wide, and on 48' centers along the length of the building.

Additionally, the average ratio of the cupola to your steel building is at least one to 1 " of cupola width for every foot of roof length so for a 30' long roof you'll want to purchase a 36" cupola.

Our roof cupolas are available with a range of aesthetic options. We have metal cupolas with louvers (vented cupolas), cupolas with windows and a variety of weather vanes to choose from, if desired. Cupola assembly is relatively easy. They are shipped knocked-down to your job site as a kit with instructions enclosed, and, once assembled, are interlocked for a weather-tight connection. Premium flashings are also available, which raise the cupola 3.5" above the roof peak, providing a fuller appearance from the ground.

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