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Sky Lights
Metal Building Accessories offers a variety of skylight options. Make sure you check out the great features offered in the manufacturers’ product descriptions. Skylights can be purchased as a stand-alone option or included with your complete metal building order. Skylights, or the more common wall lights, add a feeling of openness and are a great addition to any existing or new buildings.
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Metal Building Accessories, a division of Building Outlet Corp., offers a variety of hail-resistant, corrugated polycarbonate skylights for metal buildings that allow builders, contractors and do-it-yourselfers to easily take advantage of one of the earth's most desirable, natural free resources – daylight.

Available as stand-alone or included with your complete steel building order, our corrugated skylights offer superior quality and a feeling or openness, and are a welcome addition to both new and existing metal buildings.

Sourced from several top-quality manufacturers, our metal building skylight panels are designed to fit the most popular metal panel profiles, and feature high-performance that offers a variety of benefits over more traditional fiberglass corrugated panels. The advantages our corrugated skylight panels offer include up to 20 times greater impact resistance (meaning they are virtually unbreakable), a low yellowing index, and the highest possible light transmission rates, load ratings and resistance to wind uplift.

Our corrugated skylights and skylight panels for steel buildings are available in a variety of options, including clear, bronze, opal and Softlite, and are often used for greenhouses and similar agricultural metal buildings where light transmission in a lightweight sheet is desirable. Our Coverlite® MR9" and MR12" sheets and skylight panels for metal buildings have proven extremely resistant to weather conditions, offering both hail resistance and UV protection, and provide high degrees of light transmittance (up to 90 percent!) as a result of their high optical properties.

They are also easy to manage onsite, as they are highly flexible, lightweight, and can be easily cut without cracking or splintering. Not only that, but our Coverlite® metal building skylight panels are 10 times as strong as acrylic, and 200 times as strong as glass.

Whether you have questions about a particular steel building skylight or aren't completely sure of what the best fit for your metal building might be, contact our knowledgeable sales team today to answer any questions you may have or to request for additional product or installation information.

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