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The Metal Building Accessories offers wall louvers and ridge vents with a variety of operational options. Wall louvers are trimmed to fit specified wall panels and these products are designed for longevity and commercial applications.
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Metal Building Accessories has been a leading provider of metal building ridge vents and related accessories and products for pre-engineered metal buildings for more than 30 years.

Two types of vents we carry are ridge vents and wall louvers, which not only offer critical air circulation to your metal building and allow it to breathe, but are essentially maintenance free, and do not use any extra energy. Ridge vents control the movement of fresh air through your building, and remove hot, stale or contaminated air that stems from manufacturing or production processes. During the summer, they allow interior heat to be released naturally through gravity ridge ventilators, and during the winter, they provide critical protection in controlling condensation (condensation occurs on warm air side) and other moisture-related problems, which can lead to rust, insulation deterioration and damage to products stored inside.

Metal Building Accessories' ridge ventilators are constructed in 10 foot increments with a 9" or 12" throat, and may be installed either as individual units or continuous runs. They can be manufactured with or without dampers to control the flow of air. Dampers are typically operated using standard pull chains (please specify when ordering), and multiple damper operation is available for two or more units.

Standard ventilators are shipped with a 1:12 end cap, and can be field-modified to accommodate up to a 6:12 roof pitch. Ventilators with factory-built end caps can accommodate up to a 12:12 roof pitch. The ridge cap is flat or corrugated to match the roof panel profile.

Our standard adjustable galvanized steel back pivot louvers include a 4" deep, 18 gauge channel type with a 20" galvanized steel blade (85" and spaced 3 9/16" center to center). They are operated with a hand crank and include an 18-16 aluminum insect screen with a removable frame. Available options include an extended sill, an assortment of bird or insect screens, a variety of finishes and pull chain operators, motors and mullions (the latter not available for A panel or R panel types).

Metal Building Accessories also now carries EZ Vent-N-Closures, which are instrumental in solving the problems associated with ventilation of the ridge and hip conditions for metal roofing projects. This product is easily installed and is constructed with 26 gauge Galvalume construction, and passed the 110 mph wind-driven rain test with flying colors. It is manufactured in both vented and non-vented profiles, and eliminates the need for costly closures at hip conditions while leaving a clean roof line, as it is installed underneath a standard sculptured ridge roll.

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