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Walk Doors
Metal Building Accessories works with some of the industries most prominent manufacturers of steel walk doors. We offer doors that are constructed from high quality materials and hardware. Also, our deluxe pre-packaged door kits with optional hardware upgrades allow you to design your own door right through our website. TIP: Check out the pre-assembled options vs. the knocked down kits. Preassembled door kits require minimal skill to install and save you time while preventing misalignment errors.
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Metal Building Accessories, a division of Building Outlet Corp., partners with the industry's finest manufacturers of steel walk doors in order to offer our consumers products made of the highest quality materials and hardware. We provide both preassembled and knock-down doors of varying sizes and both varieties are available as 3' wide x 7' high, 4' wide x 7' high or 6' wide x 7' high (the 6' wide x 7' high size is a double door.)

Our knock-down doors, frames and systems are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, and allow the installer a variety of options in terms of size, color, and hardware options, or can be custom-designed to meet your project's exact specifications. Available with an assortment of frame-width options, knock-down doors are created with white or bronze stock color options and are individually-packaged and economically priced.

Preassembled walk doors are ideal for any builder, contractor or do-it-your-selfer regardless of skill level. Many builder and erecters struggle with traditionally designed knock-down walk doors due to issues caused by poor quality materials, adverse weather conditions, faulty components or difficult or timely installation. Preassembled steel building doors from Metal Building Accessories avoid these common problems by providing completely preassembled (including all hardware and the sub-frame), custom-made metal building door systems that, upon delivery, can be installed seamlessly in less than 30 minutes without any cutting, painting or welding necessary at the jobsite.

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